CYBERTEC – The PostgreSQL Company

How can Cybertec help you?

PostgreSQL is the most advanced and most sophisticated Open Source database available. It is widely used in many industries such as telecommunication, engineering, science, and geometric data. It is suitable for web-startups as well as for experienced companies.

Cybertec – The PostgreSQL Database Company provides 24×7 services for PostgreSQL and helps customers around the globe. We provide training as well as support for PostgreSQL.

  • Ready-to-use and hand optimized products. We take care of your projects! – our products
  • Do you need help using PostgreSQL? We provide 24×7 support. – more infos can be found here
  • Knowledge and expertise, we provide professional PostgreSQL training and workshops. – more infos

Getting in touch with PostgreSQL

Do you have no database experience up to now? Or did you work with other systems such as MySQL, Oracle, Informix, DB2 or Sybase? Cybertec will help you to move to PostgreSQL successfully. We help to adapt your applications to work perfectly with PostgreSQL and we will make your system rock solid. We offer professional services for a fair price.

Web developers

Especially for web developers we provide goal-oriented trainings and services. We provide highly scalable high-availability solutions and help tuning your PostgreSQL database server. You are using ORM (object-relational mapping)? We have the right solution for you.

PostgreSQL professionals

Managing billions of rows and hundreds of tables is sometimes not easy. Cybertec has the right solution for large scale applications. We will provide 24×7 support and we will extend the PostgreSQL core if needed. Providing professional services to professional users is our key business.