PostgreSQL is the most advanced object-relational Open Source database system available. It is SQL-standard compliant and offers a vast number of sophisticated features.

PostgreSQL is not only suitable for small applications but also for large scale and business critical applications hosting thousands of users and billions of rows. PostgreSQL is a solid foundation for your business and provides superior flexibility, leading edge performance and unquestioned stability. This and a lot more makes PostgreSQL so unique.
Independent experts have come to the same conclusion and recommended PostgreSQL for many different types of applications.

GIS – Geo Information Systems

PostGIS is a professional tool for managing GIS data. It is fully based on PostgreSQL and provides users with the ability to handle geometric data fast and easily. Cybertec provides support for people who want to get in touch with PostGIS and who have to handle geometric data with unique services and professional assistance.


Biotech and biological engineering are definitely businesses of the future. More and more companies are using biotech actively. Cybertec helps those businesses to scale up their PostgreSQL business infrastructure and database systems.

Longlife Solutions

In many areas of technology an IT system has a long life cycle. Just consider aviation: The timespan between the construction of an aircraft and the final flight is at least 50 years. A closed source database can never be supported for such a long period of time. With Cybertec and PostgreSQL you can be sure that your systems stay alive for centuries.

Government solutions

PostgreSQL is widely used by governments around the globe. It serves many purposes and allows solid and powerful applications to run fast and efficiently. Enjoy the power of true Open Source.

Replication and High Availability

Cybertec offers single-master to multiple-slave replication solutions which offers superior scalability at the lowest possible level of complexity. No triggers, no limitations on the SQL side – just pure reliability and scalability.

Fraud detection

Cybertec makes it possible to detect fraud already when it is about to happen. To achieve that we use modern data mining algorithms and artificial intelligence. Our fraud detection concepts are highly flexible, scalable and extensible.


Cybertec offers startups to scale up their PostgreSQL database systems. We offer long term professional support for your business.