Fraud detection

Cybertec makes it possible to detect fraud already when it is about to happen. To achieve that we use modern data mining algorithms and artificial intelligence. Our fraud detection concepts are highly flexible, scalable and extensible.

Fraud detection is an increasingly important topic. With the introduction of electronic payment the importance of security has increased too. Nowadays fraudsters from all over the world try to harm successful business and try to make money out of all kinds of business. A company which is able to detect fraudulent behavior when it happens is able to save enormous amounts of money and can increase revenues significantly.

Our experience:
Cybertec has years of experience when it comes to electronic payment. We have consulted companies operating world wide and we have been working on fraud detection mechanisms for a long time.

Your advantages:
Once proper fraud detection is in place you can …

  • save manpower hunting your money
  • protect yourself against losing services or products
  • increase the reputation of your company
  • get the money you deserve

Modern technology
Cybertec uses modern technology to hunt fraudsters:

  • Cybertec Data Distribution Services: Collect the data you need to fight fraud eficiently
  • Cybercluster provides you with the performance you need to analyze data
  • Cybertec neural networks will help you to detect fraud patterns and to protect yourself in the future.