Government solutions

PostgreSQL has been widely adopted by governments and public institutions around the globe. In the past couple of years governments have started to rely on PostgreSQL for many reasons and some governments have even decided to actively support and enhance PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL is not only used by scientific or academic institutions and in many cases PostgreSQL has been chosen to handle highly critical applications used by federal governments. The core argument for PostgreSQL is not longer that enormous costs can be saved. In most cases purely technical facts speak for themselves and make PostgreSQL the platform of choice.

Vendors of commercial database systems are usually not ideal for governments as large vendors tend to charge insane amounts of money for comparatively bad services. We have seen this problem in the past again and again. Cybertec is a privately owned company and belongs to those people who are also actively running the company. Therefore we are focusing entirely on our long-term success. In contrast to venture capital funded companies we have a strategy focusing on organic growth rather than on producing “one more bubble”.
This is especially important to public institutions.