Cybertec offers perfect solutions for your PostgreSQL based projects. Our products can be adjusted to your needs and are easy to handle.

walbouncer: Enterprise grade partial replication

walbouncer is an enterprise-grade replication tool allowing partial replication for PostgreSQL. No more need to replicate entire database instances if only a single database is needed. (more)

PL/pgSQL_sec: Encrypt your stored procedure codes

Do you want to save your business secrets? Encrypting your stored procedures might be exactly what you need. (more)

pgneural – Articifial Intelligence for PostgreSQL

Cybertec offers Artificial Intelligence based solutions for your database. Run high-end technology directly inside your database and implement leading edge applications based on modern neural networks. (more)

pgmatlab – Matlab Integration

pg_matlab allows you to run server side Matlab code directly within PostgreSQL. Integrate existing Matlab codes into your PostgreSQL server and enhance your database with efficient business logic. (more)