pgneural – Articifial Intelligence for PostgreSQL

Cybertec connects modern neural networks with solid, ready to use database technology. By combining various techniques you can achieve top results with minimal effort. We open the door to next generation applications.

You can use artificial neural networks for:

  • Intelligent queries
  • Fraud detection
  • Optimizing processes
  • Timeline analysis (financial data, …)
  • Scientific models
  • Pattern detection
  • Data mining
  • Robotics
  • Game development

To make neural networks work efficiently you need a professional database infrastructure which can store and handle large amounts of data fast and efficiently.

How neural networks work

Neural networks simulate the way our brains work. In contrast to traditional technology neural networks allow you to detect complex interactions between various factors. In other words: A neural network finds out by itself how things are connected and gives you a powerful tool to make use of this learning capability.

Neural networks are hand tailored to fit your needs. To train a neural network you need historic data. The system will then learn from this data and use this knowledge in the future to predict the output you need. This makes a neural network flexible and allows many different use cases.

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