Asynchronous replication / highavailability

Asynchronous replication and highavailability

Is your data so important that you cannot afford to lose it? Is it absolutely impossible to tolerate hours of downtime on your central database servers? Do you need highly efficient replication which is robust and easy to use? A high-availability cluster will be the right thing for you in this case. Our cluster are powerful and provide a rich set of sophisticated features such as:

Master / Slave replication:

Replicate a master database to as many slave databases as you need. Add additional servers on
demand easily without extra licensing costs.

Avoid downtime:

If a server fails due to hardware problems our system will automatically failover to a standby box and provide maximum availability and minimal costs.

More performance:

Use your hardware efficiently and use all your resources for high performance database work, backups or just for testing. Whatever is needed – our replication solution will provide exactly what makes your business scale up.

Safe investments:

With us your investment in PostgreSQL is safe. We provide long term contracts and partnerships. You can be sure that your infrastructure will be supported by us for many years providing the perfect environment for your business to grow.