Maximum scalability with PL/Proxy

Maximum scalability with PL/Proxy

You have to work with millions of customers every day? You have to manage billions of rows inside your database system? Maybe it is time to scale beyond the limitations of one single server and enter the world of endless scalability. PL/Proxy offers maximum scalability and superior throughput for large database setups. Enjoy all the flexibility of a full blown relational database server and benefit from the scalability of a professional software solution.

Your advantages:

  • “endless” scalability
  • low hardware costs
  • highly parallel data processing
  • low maintenance costs

Beyond NoSQL:

A professional relation database system provides a vast number of advanced features which cannot be seen in a single NoSQL system. We provide all the advantages of modern NoSQL scalability and combine it with robust relational technology which offers maximum output at very low total costs of ownership.

  • All advantages of PostgreSQL and NoSQL in one single product

PostgreSQL offers:

  • Storage of unstructured data
  • Flexible distribution of data inside the cluster
  • Simple handling
  • Superior scalability
  • Perfect transactional integrity

Enjoy both worlds with PostgreSQL.