Synchronous replication

Synchronous replication

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Synchronous replication is a feature providing ZERO DATA LOSS for your application. Even in case of errors and in case of a crash your data will be safe and not a single transaction is lost. This is ideal for applications which really need their data protected under any circumstances. Whenever your application writes to your PostgreSQL cluster the replication module will make sure that data is at least sent to two database servers (just in case one crashes). This allows maximum security for your data and it protects the most valuable asset of your business – your data.

Your advantages:

  • no data loss in case of crash and hardware defects
  • maximum performance
  • maximum flexibility
  • manual or automated failover
  • servers can be added easily

Note: To run synchronous replication at least 3 database nodes are needed.

You can define per transaction which level of integrity is needed (synchronous or asychronous).