PostgreSQL replication professional

PostgreSQL replication professional

Duration: 3 Days
Level: Intermediate
Audience: During this workshop you will learn about PostgreSQL replication, scaling as well as about Point-In-Time recovery.  This course is especially suitable for database administrators and system administrators (Windows / Linux / Solaris / AIX).
Date: English on request
03.04. – 05.04.2017 in Wr. Neustadt, Austria (German)



PostgreSQL backups

  • Backups using pg_dump
  • Recovery using pg_restore

The PostgreSQL I/O system

  • I/O cache (shared buffers)
  • Storage files and tablespaces
  • The PostgreSQL transaction log (WAL)
  • The background writer
  • Checkpoints

Point-In-Time recovery

  • Archiving the transaction log
  • Replaying transaction log

Asynchronous replication

  • Master / slave replication
  • Transaction log streaming / streaming replication

Synchronous replication

  • Building a synchronous cluster
  • Performance optimization

Complex setups

  • Combining synchronous and asynchronous replication

External tools

  • repmgr
  • skytools

Logical replication

  • londiste replication
  • Upgrading PostgreSQL with londiste


  • Concepts